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We work with you to bring your idea to life for your next Exhibition, Conference, Event or Promotional Campagin.

At Expono Displays you can consider us your very own industry encyclopaedia.

We are specialists in Exhibition Stands, Portable Displays, Print and Digital Advertising.

We have everything you make sure your next exhibition, conference or event is a success!!!

It's our job to make doing business as easy as possible.

Our Story

We work with you to bring your brand to life

Through exceptional stand design, great storytelling and the latest interactive tools we will bring your brand to life and deliver real results for you and your audience.

At Expono we utilise imagination and enthusiasm to make our work interesting, efficient and enjoyable. You’ll experience this passion throughout our working relationship.


Embrace creativity from clients and staff and create new ideas.


Transform the information we receive into action.


We will create. But dont forget to make it yours.


Help each other to make something amazing.


To be efficient be happy and stay focused.


Assurance of quality is that excellence is our standard.

EXPONO are proud to support our key customers and partners

We continuously work hard improve in every area of our business. We continue to evolve, innovate and make ourselves known to a greater audience through our work that inspires confidence, recommendation and trust.

With one partner having 20years experience in engineering and innovation and the other partner CIM qualified with 20years 'hands on' experience in sales and marketing Expono can meet all your requirements.

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